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Life outdoors is NEVER in the best interest of the cat...

Municipal Experiences

Failure in Prince Georges County, MD

Failure in Mesa, Arizona

Failure in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Failure at Pier 70

Failure at David Douglass Park

Failure at JFK International Airport

Failure in Baltimore, MD

Should We Use Cats As Mousers?

Cat Neglect Warning! Graphic Photo.

Kitten Stuck In Rubbish Dumpster Drain Hole

More Videos

Crushed by a Car - The Dying is Worse than the Death

Killed by a Fan Belt - The Dying is Worse than the Death Warning! Graphic Photos.

Head Trapped in a Jar - The Dying is Worse than the Death Warning! Graphic Photos.

Is an arrow through the cheek a humane outcome? Is re-dumping the cat back to 'her' colony after this ordeal ethical or compassionate? As expected, there is outrage for the person who shot this cat. Where is the outrage for the folks who put her in this postion in the first place and are considering putting her at risk again after she recovers? Re-abandonment of domestic animals into 'managed' colonies is animal neglect and cruelty and should be considered a criminal act. Watch video at this news story.

Video of an Ear-tipped Injured Feral Cat Warning! Graphic.

New video from the American Bird Conservancy - Trap, Neuter and Release: Bad for Cats, Disaster for Birds

New video by PeTA


These mosquito-covered kittens were part of a "managed" colony.
Click here for close-up of kittens.

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