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Killed by a Fan Belt

Below are photos sent to us from an Animal Control Officer in NJ. We do not know if this poor animal was an owned pet permitted to roam freely or a pet that accidentally escaped or if this animal was a stray or feral cat. This clearly and sadly illustrates what death is often like for animals that live and die outside. We include these photos here so you consider whether the actions of individuals and organizations that endorse TNR are performing acts of compassion or condemning animals to an inhumane and tragic death.

This cat climbed into the engine compartment somewhere in Edison, probably the ShopRite Supermarket, as that was the last place the owner of the car stopped before driving to East Brunswick. She pulled into a repair shop because her car was over-heating. The mechanics found the cat caught in the fan belt and called the Animal Control Officer. The cat died on the way to the veterinarian's office.

Animals tend to seek warmth from car engines. Please remember to tap on the hood of your car and honk your horn before starting the engine, especially during colder weather.

Cat killed by a fan belt

Cat killed by a fan belt

Cat killed by a fan belt

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