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Domestic Cats and Native Wildlife Library Display

Exactly three years have passed since we set up our first library display. These displays offered insight into the epidemic of cat overpopulation and how this problem has affected not only our natural resources and the environment, but also public health, property rights, municipal costs, and the welfare of domestic cats.

We are proud to have provided scientific-based educational information and materials in 34 libraries across 11 counties in southern and central New Jersey.

As of September 2009, the library display project is on hiatus. We will be devoting our time to new and exciting projects necessary to expand awareness of these issues to a broader audience.

We would like to thank every library for the opportunity to provide information to the general public. We continue to encourage folks to approach their nearest library and offer to set up a display. You can find more information here:

We will continue to set up displays on request. Any libraries in the Greater Philadelphia Area that wish to offer our display can contact us at

Domestic Cats and Native Wildlife Library Display

The display presents information about:

  •  the realities of feral cat colony management/TNR
  •  domestic cat predation on native wildlife
  •  wildlife rehabilitation
  •  beach-nesting birds
  •  ways to help the environment
  •  regional nature events
  •  adoption information for some animals needing homes

Brochures and handouts are available.

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