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Would you consider this to be safe?

Take a look at what is happening at JFK International Airport:

What are some things we know about Feral Cat Colony Management?

  •  ineffective at reducing the number of feral cats or eliminating colonies
  •  colonies may actually grow in size
  •  colonies are perpetually maintained
  •  environmentally irresponsible
  •  serious risk to native wildlife
  •  public health risks through cat bites, scratches, fecal matter
  •  rabies vector species present at colony sites
  •  inhumane outcomes for domestic companion animals

Here is something you may not have considered:

  •  artificial food source attracts pigeons, gulls, and Canada geese

This can be especially worrisome at airport terminals and near runways. These are flock birds. They can number into the hundreds, but just a single bird inside the engine of an aircraft may result in the fatalities of hundreds of people.

TNR has been taking place at JFK International Airport. The Port Authority is in the process of removing the cats as a measure to help ensure the safety of passengers and staff. Those in support of TNR are against this and demanding that TNR be permitted to continue.

Story in NY Times

Cat People Confront Airport People

This is a prime example of the mentality of many TNR advocates. 'Save' the cats at all costs. The Port Authority apparently has offered to pay for the altering of cats that are removed and placed into homes.

The photos below are not from JFK. They are from Pier 70 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania along the Delaware River waterfront. They are included here to illustrate what may be taking place at JFK. In an urban environment and near water, birds may be present at the colony feeding stations. TNR advocates claim that the cats at JFK deter the birds and further claim that there is no public safety risk.

Note the trash bag left by catfeeders at Pier 70. Note the cat shelters in the background. Note the flocks of pigeons, gulls, and geese. Then you decide what should be done in NY and let the Port Authority know.


The birds know when dinner is served. Taken at Pier 70 in Philadelphia.

Click here for larger photo.

Click here for larger photo.

Click here for larger photo.

Click here for larger photo.

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